Author: Z of Spades

Sammi & I: The Birth of a Cuckold, Part 1

My ex-wife, Sammi, was amazingly beautiful and just absolutely hot. Every man on the planet loved her, and she loved them. She was one quarter Indian with long, dark, silky hair that hung to the base of her amazingly, beautiful ass. Standing between five foot four to five inches tall, she had a magnificent body with a perfect hour glass shape and perfect and magnificent tits; bra size: 38 D. Imagine the hottest female Native American that you can imagine. The big plus was that she absolutely loved to party and fuck like a raw animal. Although loving and...

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CJ’s Happy Place by ZofSpades

Note: CJ’s Happy Place is a story by Z of Spades wrote from the perspective of a female protagonist named CJ. “What a cute butt on that, uh, boy, actually,” I thought to myself as I watched him walk away. He was a hot little beach waiter that couldn’t have been no more than 17, maybe 18, years old. But, if I were at least 10 years younger, I would have been all over him like white on rice. What an incredibly beautiful day it was. I didn’t have a clue what the temperature was, and I didn’t really care,...

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All Night Long

I had been seeing ‘Boatman’ for a few weeks by the time I was able to have a whole night with him. This was going to be fun. My all nighter was lots of sex,  lots of times. Each orgasm was as good as the first. He was beginning to know what I liked and I was learning too. I was learning how my body responded to a particular touch, be it featherlight kisses or a bite or pinch.  Each touch led to a different sensation and each sensation increased my confidence. I was starting to tell him what...

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Meet the Author

Z of Spades is a sensually submissive, peace-loving, pansexual, alpha male, and eroticism is his religion. Z lives and works in central Illinois, and the world is his playground. Z's a writer and a single father in the vanilla world, he holds two degrees in legal studies, and is currently working on a degree in physics. He loves to travel, meditate, meet new people, have new experiences, explore the world and his inner self, and stay in what he calls a constant erotic state of mind. His writing of erotic stories and poetry, all the beauty and sensuality in the universe, and his submission help maintain that erotic state of being for him. Finally, Z is looking forward to retiring soon and to use that time writing while traveling.


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