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Cuckold By Book

This is a request piece for a couple from Book who he is dying to play with I am standing in my corner, naked, with my eyes glued to the floor. This is by choice. I am allowed to look. Sometimes she even makes me look but today I am feeling a little wild and a little out of control so I am looking at the floor. My right hand is covering my cock and my left hand, as needed, is squeezing my balls hard enough and the vein under them hard enough to keep me soft. That is the rule...

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The Slave Girl Marcus’s Slave

Marcus and I had a very strained relationship. We had never really been friends, but our families were for a while until…Something happened, I’m not really sure what. Like so many family feuds the participant’s had long ago forgotten the origin. But over the years the fight had changed in way, since no one wanted to risk a murder charge the war was no long fought with guns and knives but now was more… passive aggressive, so to say. Since both our families owned large companies the fight was now on a business level. My father tried doing a...

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The Slave Girl Sold

A quick authors note: This is something of an origin story to my series about a slave girl,  Part 1 here. I sat on my bed, and began to cry. I had just finished a long conversation with my parents, where we had been discussing our less than stellar financial situation. Why would they have such a discussion with one of their children? Because their answer had been to sell that child into slavery. Although technically speaking I wasn’t a child, really. I had just turned eighteen, which is why this was legal at all. But my parents still...

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The Slave Girl Part Six: The Punishment

Sleeping outside had been surprisingly comfortable. Sure the ground was a little rough but lying flat on my back made it more bearable, and the weather was kind. What kept me up instead were thoughts about my punishment. At the slave house punishments weren’t that bad, certain privileges were denied, some spankings and maybe a whipping depending on what the slave had done. Their goal had been keeping all slaves in good condition for sale. Master already owned me so he had no such concern, he could literally do anything he wanted to me. Despite such thoughts I did...

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The Slave Girl Part Five: Entertaining Guests

“Is everything ready yet, bitch?” Master called down to me from upstairs. “Almost. Just a few more minutes left.” I replied, watching the cupcakes in the oven bake. Master was going to have guests over later tonight, just a few friends but Master still insisted on everything being perfect. He had me clean the whole house and bake some snacks and even allowed me to wear the apron while I cooked; though he made it clear it was a temporary privilege. He had also ominously said the he wanted me to be the “entertainment”. I wasn’t sure what that...

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Meet the Author

Mainly the story writing alter ego of 'confessionsofPOFer' not always. Writing about whatever takes his fancy at the time.
Any similarity to actual people living or dead and all that jazz is purely coincidental. Probably.
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