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Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator – REVIEW

I’ve always been fascinated by anal play but it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been able to enjoy it fully, with no pain whatsoever. After taking my time to explore this aspect of my sexuality and experimenting with butt plugs and anal dildos, I decided it was finally time to take a step further and enter the world of double penetration. At first I tried using two different dongs at the same time but it turned out to be pretty messy, so I started looking for a specific toy and the Grrl Toyz My First Double Penetrator immediately caught...

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Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Penis Dildo No 9

Icicles Blue Spiral Glass Penis Dildo No 9 Hearts of glass In this age where everything needs more buttons, whirly things and vibrating parts only for it to be replaced a few months later by something bigger better and more whirly, sometimes it’s good to be reminded of the simple pleasures in life that’s where the Icicles no9 Glass Massager by Pipedreams comes in. With all the latest gadgets and gizmos entering the market these days glass toys seem to have become more overlooked and underated than ever. However, its what glass can do over it’s battery operated counterparts...

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Topco Mains Magic Massager

Topco Mains Magic Massager This massager is by far the most powerful vibrator we have and it really loosens you up right from the start. It feels great on your neck, shoulders and back -and other areas- but I will leave that to your imagination. Tip: use lube- for example KY jelly with it, as it’s powerful enough to cause you to get/feel sore from the friction. Do not let that put you off though as it does take a little while for that to happen. It can also feel uncomfortable if you have it rest lightly on a...

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The Pulse ‘guybrator’

Pulse a Darth Vader-style vibro-helmet for penises “For as far back as I could remember, I had enjoyed making weird and wonderful sex toys out of everyday objects,” says Adam Lewis, British co-creator of male sex toy “guybrator” toy Pulse. “Some had actually been quite good.” As a child, Lewis had adapted the water jets in his grandparents’ swimming pool, explored the possibilities of an electric toothbrush and even had “a close encounter” with Henry the Hoover (he told that it involves removing the hose part of the vacuum cleaner and getting close to the “large opening that...

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