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Anal Anal Anal its all about Anal By Kat

Its all about Anal So its that time you and your boyfriend are thinking about spicing up your love life or you just want to be more cultured in your sexual experiences. Nevertheless you’re considering losing your anal virginity is something that’s still pretty taboo for a lot of people so we don’t really speak of it. If your wanting a full training guide head over to our Anal training post by Holeposter How is that Going To Fit If you’re considering letting him storm the trenches, the mechanics of it just don’t allow for something to go in there? It’s not...

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A mum’s top tips for feeling better about the way you look naked

Mums: How do you feel about the way you look without your clothes on? My husband seems blissfully unaware that my body has gone through so much change. To him, my breasts are just as fun as they ever were. My round, soft belly he declares “sexy” I’m relieved that it doesn’t bother him, but I also think he’s nuts. I bet 90% of you know exactly how I feel at times. People love to give lip service to the idea that mother’s bodies are beautiful, life-giving, wondrous, magical. Our partners tell us we’re desirable and hot. And we want to believe...

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Slightly hippie mum of two whose sex life most definitely didn’t end after having children! I’m into all things natural (coconut oil as lube? been there, done that), barefoot living, sometimes modern sometimes with a nostalgic feel to the past, in my dreams I’m a 50′s housewife by day and pin-up by night. With a kinky twist to it, of course


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