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The male obsession with Porn

Porn Porn Porn Channel 53. That was where I found the porn when I was a kid. It was broadcast to my family’s TV as a blur of fuzz and smeared color, but if you watched long enough—and trust me, I tested it—you’d eventually see a flash of flesh. If you were lucky, you saw a boob, or something even more explicit. (Ed. nowadays you can head over to our sister site wetflix for porn) Hey, I was a boy, and I had a profound curiosity for what went on beneath blouses and skirts with limited ways to discover...

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Ejaculation Difficulty during sex

Some men are quite normally quick ( a few minutes) in masturbation, but very slow or unable to come in sex. In fact this sort of problem is not uncommon. A lot of men find it difficult or impossible to ejaculate into their partner’s mouth although they may not have any problems otherwise.

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12 days of Christmas? Make it last all year…

Santa Baby has been making his list and checking it twice to find out if you have been naughty or nice! Well, let him know this year you definitely plan on being naughty! Here are some sure fire tips that are guaranteed to spark up more than your fireplace for your 12 days of Christmas! On the twelfth day of Christmas, give your lover 12 sexy vouchers written by you, one to be redeemed each month of the year, we suggest the following ideas… ...12 Speeds of Joy!  Use the Odeco 12 Speed Wireless Remote Control Egg to be creative!...

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A swift one

Maybe I’m like the Taylor Swift of the blogging world,  It seems I only blog when I’m angry, upset or miserable which I guess from the serious lack of blogs recently must mean I’m blissfully happy? We’ll erm YEAH!!! I kept you posted with the situation of on/off/on/off undecided with the person I met literally seconds after my last relationship exploded, well two weeks ago I could relent no more and I gave in. I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made. All of my concerns, and there were many, have disappeared and I’m...

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Aiming for the top

If you have read 50 shades or anything similar you may think that being a dominant or ‘top’ comes naturally to some people. We’ll to a certain extent it does but we all have to start somewhere and learn as we go. The variety of range in sexual relationships of wants, desires, fetishes, peccadilloes, kinks whatever you want to call them is so diverse that what suits one person doesn’t suit another (there is a reason the LBGTV/TS community adopt a rainbow flag after all). So being a top is about learning what A. Turns you on and B....

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