Valentine’s Day has been and gone there is nothing in the lovers guide saying that you can only crack out the loving, rose petals and massage oil around this day so in this blog we are going to take you through some massage essentials, for a truly sensual night, we have the best of the best seductive and erotic oils and lubricants to take your night (and you) to the next level of pleasure. There are products for everyone out there, from romantic to kinky and everything in between. Can’t decide if you’re feeling sweet or feisty?

Turn Up The Heat

YouOnlyWetter stocks some great massage candles the perfect way to set the mood. These LELO Massage Candles are perfect for setting the Massage scene and adding another element to your night of passion. Begin by dimming the room and lighting the candles. You’ll instantly feel romantic and intimate. These candles are so much more than a way to create mood lighting. Once the candles begin to melt, pour the warm oil straight onto skin to really get your partner in the mood. They may get a massage, but you get to enjoy the view, as clothing is not advised. For an even naughtier treat, lick the vanilla flavor off your special someone. This is a treat that both of you will enjoy!

A Tasty Lube

n7828-earthly_body_edible_massage_oil-500x500As we mentioned in the How to Give a blow job blog we have some tasty edible lube These Earthly Body Edible Massage Oils will do wonders for the skin. Jam packed with nutrients and vitamins to ensure your skin is left looking and feeling incredible. Using these will help bring that loving Massage into a whole new world, no more chemical taste when you give your loved one a kiss while all oiled up.

Succumb To It

Maybe you’d rather be submissive than dominate, though, which we can definitely offer some pointers on, too. If you want to explore your erotic side, but be the one ravaged by your lover, rather than doing the ravishing, we definitely think you should try the Bound by Love “Bondage Kit.” Let your partner tie you up and blindfold you. You’ll constantly wonder what they’ll do to you next, as it heightens your other senses. Or try this! Tie yourself up and be waiting for your lover to get home. They’ll walk into see you nude, blindfolded, and tied. What could be sexier? Add a pair of nipple tassels, and you’ll really look the part. Remember, though… It is very important to tie yourself up last. Otherwise, you won’t be able to put on the blindfold and nipple tassels. Trust us, it is not as easy to untie yourself, as it is to tie yourself up!

Tickle, Ticklen7430-sportsheets_interchangeable_crop_feather_tickler-500x500

If you’re more of a tease than an erotic or sensual lover, we have the perfect idea for you, too! Two words: Feather Tickler. It is as simple as it sounds, but it feels oh-soo-good. Use a blindfold or have your partner close your eyes, and let their sense take hold as you flirtatiously caress the soft feathers over their body. We also suggest taking turns. We have no doubt that you’ll both love this.

See, we told you that you’re going to want all of these! Who are we kidding? We all have a sweet and wild sensual side. Once you try one, you’ll want to try them all!