Sex is allowed in the park. But show some respect!

Many children institutions/child care centers use the park.

Therefore, do not have:

-Sex on the playground and visible places between 9am to 4pm

-Loud sex in hiding between 9am to 4pm

Remember to:

-Remove semen etc. from the benches after the Act.

-Leave used condoms and tissues in the garbage cans.

Copenhagen Municipality calls for safe sex!

Have a good time!

SwedishBoatlover over at Reddit found this and says I’m not a Dane, but Swedish and Danish is quite similar. Danes, please tell me if I mistranslated anything and I’ll change it!


Update: Thanks to /u/Rafon I’ve found out that this sign was put up by an artist group.

The Danish park Ørstedsparken is a well known meeting place for gay men at night, and one day signs showed up on the fences welcoming it as long as people remembered to have safe sex and clean up after themselves, signed the city council.

It turned out to be the work of an artist group, but the council just took the signs down and said “We don’t mind people using the park for sex at night, but downright welcoming it? That would be a bit much”

Check out the original here