There is a part of male sexuality that you might be missing, most of our society is missing out on this pleasure:

The joy of a soft penis.

We’re all a bit neurotic when it comes to erections, not that there is anything wrong with a nice hard, firm male phallus. I’m just saying that it’s time we start paying attention to when he’s soft too and that there can be tons of pleasure to obtain when his member isn’t standing at attention.

When does sex usually stop?

Think about it. Is it when he ejaculates and goes soft? Is is when he’s too old to achieve an erection? Or is it when you decide it stops? I’d like to challenge your ideas about when sexual interaction begins and ends. What if the most pleasure is after he ejaculates and you softly stroke his penis, continuing to touch, lick and kiss him? Sometimes the best part is when his penis is soft to semi-erect. And when I speak of the best part, I mean for both the giver and the receiver of pleasure. I have had reports from men that they enjoy having their penis touched more when they are soft than when they are hard. I have heard from women that they enjoy a softer penis in their mouth, and I’ve heard many women exclaim that they love putting a soft penis inside of them and feeling it grow!


I’m all about breaking myths around sexuality and a big one is that older people don’t have or enjoy sex. Of course now we have viagra, but for many aging men erectile function is a huge concern, even with the drug. So many older men resign their sex lives, which to me is really sad, there is so much to enjoy. Just because a man doesn’t get hard doesn’t mean that he doesn’t feel pleasure in his cock! And there are so many things that you can do besides penetration sex. There’s erotic massage, there’s oral lovemaking, there’s play with strap-on’s or vibrators, there’s a whole body to explore, and we often forget that when it comes to sex.

Here are a few things to enjoy with a soft penis at any age:

  • Soft Penis Massage
  • Mutual Oral Sex
  • Light Touch After Ejaculation or Orgasm
  • Slapping his Penis on Your Vulva or Body

So if you or your partner experiences a soft penis at any time during your relationship, it’s important to know that arousal ebbs and flows, it’s natural and nothing to freak out about. Being calm, relaxed and creative can help both of you simply sink into the enjoyment of it all, which usually get’s things perked up anyway. Let’s start enjoying it all, hard, soft or somewhere in between, it’s all there for us to relish.