The purpose of this blog for me was to detail my sexual journey from unhappy and unfulfilled to my reawakening.

Things have since changed. I am now in a relationship and it’s a bit like when someone asks you about the best sex you have ever had. The honest answer if you are single is easier as you can reminisce without prejudice or fear of hurting anyone’s feelings.When you are seeing someone, feelings inevitably develop. So for me the honest answer is sex is fun, sex with someone you care about is even better.

Therefore this blog will be changing. It will still be my journey but in a different way. No longer my tales of conquests past (although I am a firm believer the past makes you who you are!) This will be my journey with my man. The experiences we have as we learn about each other and the fun we will have along the way.

I hope you still like and continue to read…