I had always been a girl that liked a man to be in control and had done being tied up and teased with some light spanking before andMaster forcing slave to act like a cat liked it. I had started to develop my sub persona and decided that this was a role I enjoyed. This guy however, was going to take my being a sub to a whole new level.

Our initial sub/dom roles started by text. He said that he liked control and that being ‘Master‘ turned him on. I replied that being told what to do or not to do had the same effect on me so this could be fun.

Our first night started in the traditional way. Quiet drink and chat, hand in hand stroll and then that first kiss.  For a self confessed dom who likes to punish, he was so gentle. Tucking the escaped strands of hair behind my ear he held my face and kissed me gently. Delicate,  light touches before exploring with his tongue. He smelt so good close and I didn’t want this kiss to end, it felt so good.

These amazing kisses happened periodically all the way home and before we even reached the bedroom I could feel how wet he had made me. I could feel his hard cock through his jeans and knew that he wanted me to.

His clothes were removed quickly and efficiently and I could hear the whoosh as he pulled his belt out of his jeans. All the while we were kissing and each time they were becoming more passionate and needy.

He pulled my jeans and knickers down in one go, dropped to his knees and blew gently on my throbbing clit before thrusting his tongue deep into my wet pussy. I groaned and opened my legs in response as his tongue licked and sucked on my clit. I could feel the warmth building and came with such intensity that I was panting hard.

Before I could move he had lifted my legs high so I was only resting on my shoulders and he held my ankles tight. Then he pushed the end of his hard cock into the tip of my wetness and asked if I wanted him. Yes, I panted. This time I will allow it he said as he forced himself hard in me, deep and slow. Master was rhythmical in his movements and could feel my wetness surrounding him with each thrust.

ring-bdsm-masterAs my orgasm was again building he stopped. No, I moaned.  Master flipped me over and told me to get on my knees. He teased my pussy with his fingers until I was so close. Again he stopped and waited until he knew my body had calmed sufficiently before he started to fuck me again.

I didn’t see or hear him pick up his belt but I felt it. Whilst being fucked hard from behind I was whipped on each butt cheek in turn. The sound of the leather hitting my skin drowned out by him telling me “next time you ask permission before you want to cum.” Two hard whacks to each side. I knew I would be red but I liked the sensation.

Master then put the belt tight around my waist and pulled,  drawing my pussy deep onto his cock. I wanted to cum but I wanted to please. “Can I cum Master?” I said.

He held the belt with one hand and used the other to yank hard on my hair pulling me backwards. “Next time you say please”

With my head pulled back, my neck exposed he gently kissed me “Together” he said. And we did, him exploding his load into me as I shuddered with pleasure.

Being sub with Master was going to be fun….