So we’ve all heard the phrase and have our own opinions on it. Essentially ‘FWB’ is two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved, in a relationship or have any kind of commitment.


A healthy, fun way to have sex without the hassle. Or is it? There is always that possibility that one person will develop feelings towards the other and continue the fwb but keeps the feelings hidden. Then when the object of their desire decides to end the arrangement that person can feel left alone and heartbroken.

Luckily for me I’ve never been that person. I like having fwb. To me it’s like that glass of wine at the end of a hard day whilst wearing comfy slippers. I know what to expect. I know what he likes and he knows the same for me. We both know each others clues and looks and that whole being naked thing,  it’s not an issue. You’ve both seen it all before.

I’ve got a couple of fwb and they are very different people and the sex is very different but essentially they provide a service. One is young, keen and fun but not someone I would ‘date’ due to his age. (12 years younger!!)

Another is my high flyer. In and out of the country all the time with work or friends but has a body to die for and knows how to use it.

I have a fwb who when i saw him we would have great sex and then whilst having that after sex hug time, we would discuss the next potentials we could line up for dates.

To me fwb suits. I get great sex, spend time with a man that knows me and knows what I like. Sometimes I stay and other times I like going home to my own bed and my own space.

One of my fwb has recently got a girlfriend and I have a man around too.I’m genuinely happy for him and I still talk to him and we spend time together. For sex? No way! That’s an unwritten rule. The fwb sex happens when you both want and need it.

The reason I still see him…. he’s my friend.