Provide the best, safest and best valued toys to the masses, as well as giving a fantastic place to learn more and grow to love our bodies

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Here at YouOnlyWetter we want to provide an easy, happy shopping experience. Whether its your first purchase of this nature or you are building up your collection we want you to be assured that the goods you receive are of the highest quality. Thats why we post honest and open reviews from our customers so you can make your own mind up if a product is for you. Whilst we can’t make our site safe for viewing at work we do make sure that all packaging and invoicing is very discreet. Everything ships in plain packaging so no need to worry about the postman finding out.Invoices come from YouOnly. So no need to worry about the bank manager either. If for some reason you do have a bad experience, talk to us and we’ll do everything we can to put it right.

Finally we want your input. Feel free to browse our blogs (www.youonlywetter.co.uk/blog) and comment, leave reviews and if you’re interested in blogging or reviewing for us then get in touch. Think we could make site improvements? let us know how and where!

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