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The Shit Lesbians Say To Bicurious Girls

An old video is rising its head again so a couple of years ago vlogger Arielle Scarcella released her video, “Shit Bicurious Girls Say To Lesbians.“ In the wake of that video, Scarcella claimed she heard from a lot of women who said, “You know, Arielle? Lesbians be saying some dumb shit, too,” so she decided to make this follow up. Check out all the shit lesbians say to bicurious girls in the clip above and then head on over to follow Scarcella on Twitter to stay updated on her assorted lesbian...

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The Daddy Drop

Ok so we have previously spoken on the subject of sub drop, how to deal with it, and what it really is and how it affects your little or sub but did you know that there is also something called Dom drop or daddy drop as well… And it is quite a serious thing. Daddy drop is a lot like sub drop in which the daddy can also have irrational feelings of depression, irritation, anger, worthlessness and other related impacts to his mental and emotional state after an intense session… Play time… Or punishment. So let’s have a small...

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