Men get wet dreams the lucky, lucky, sods. It would only be another point to add to the list of injustices that come with being a woman if we weren’t physically able to come while we’re asleep. But just like men women too can experience sleep orgasms without knowing. It’s thought that almost 40% of women have experienced this with studies showing that we are more likely to experience a ‘lady wet dream’ if we are not sexually active at the time.

But, as with real, waking sex and masturbation, some women find sleep orgasms easier to achieve than others. It is thought that women sometimes find it easier to orgasm in their sleep than through masturbation or with a partner due to the lack of external distractions, stress doesn’t exist in your sleep when it comes to climax. Sleep orgasms tend to Sleep Orgasms A Womans Dreamhappen when you’re dreaming about sex. And apparently, if you’re lying on your front you’re more likely to have one.

Despite there not being a plethora of information on sleep orgasms, after all studying this phenomenon in any real depth would be pretty tricky, there are plenty of first hand accounts to go by which offer a fairly decent insight into the world of sleep orgasms,

If you haven’t experienced this don’t worry, the majority of women haven’t or at least can’t remember if they have or not. Reading erotic fiction before bed or watching a sexy film may help you to ease your way into the land of sleep orgasms.

What A Doctor Says About Sleep Orgasms

Dr Clare Morrison agrees, “Orgasms can occur while you are asleep, and are the equivalent of men’s ‘wet dreams’.

Sleep Orgasms A Womans DreamWomen are much more likely to achieve a sleep orgasms if you go to bed feeling super tired and lie on your front. Yes this is the position that gives the most clitoral stimulation, and is associated with the most vivid dreams, and again you are more likely to climax if you haven’t had an orgasm for a while, and great news for the older women in their forties and fifties as they are more likely to get dream orgasms than younger women.

In the same way as normal orgasms, sleep orgasms are brought on by sexual arousal like a dirty dream. Sexual feelings trigger the parasympathetic nervous system to increase blood flow in the vagina and clitoris. If the level of arousal increases sufficiently, then orgasm may occur. In the same way that dreams are often forgotten (or all the time in my case 🙁 ) by the time you wake up, sadly these may not always be remembered, but the burst of oxytocin will leave you with a warm, satisfied glow when you wake up!